ALT investments make a portfolio whole

Ninepoint has a broad range of Alternative Solutions that offer you the benefits of better portfolio diversification.

Of note in today's investment environment is Private Debt – one of the fastest-growing Alternative asset classes globally.* Find out why:

What's covered:

  • What are Alts?
  • What Alts try to do
  • Common risks and remedies
  • The role of Alts in a portfolio

What's covered:

  • What is Private Debt?
  • Benefits of Private Debt
  • Challenges and Solutions
  • Importance of oversight

What's covered:

  • Global growth of Private Debt
  • Historical risk/return profiles
  • Private Debt characteristics
  • Using Private Debt defensively

What's covered:

  • Private Debt's role in the economy
  • SME financing challenges in Canada
  • Direct lending meets a vital need
  • Lender as business coach
  • How loans to SMEs are structured
  • The Private Debt risk premium

What is Private Debt?